About Parrot Toys USA

Parrot Toys USA is dedicated to selling toys and supplies that will provide endless fun and stimulation for your birds. Our bird toys are the best and the safest you can buy. They are made with quality materials and dyes from domestic manufacturers and toy makers. Safety is our primary concern. We test our toys on our own birds. They love them and your birds will, too. We specialize in toys made in the USA. Our site’s “species specific” theme makes it easier to find just the right toy for your individual bird. This sets us apart from other online bird toy stores. When you want to buy parrot toys, visit us—we know what we’re doing!

Our Background and Expertise in Bird Toys

Timothee Graze, co-owner of Parrot Toys USA, has been breeding parrots and selling exotic birds and supplies for over 20 years. She began Parrot Toys USA as the online division of the specialty bird store that she owned and operated for nearly 12 years prior to her retirement. Timothee’s store, on the Connecticut shoreline was named one of the top 10 bird stores in the USA by Bird Talk magazine. Her knowledge of parrot species and their personalities is extensive. She knows how to choose the safest, most FUN toys from the best toy makers around. Now, Timothee along with fellow parrot enthusiast, Nancy Eno, is continuing to provide the highest quality bird supplies and to serve the parrot community through Parrot Toys USA. Thank you for visiting www.parrottoysusa.com. We know that your bird will LOVE our toys. You will appreciate our expertise and great prices. And, we appreciate your business. We would love to hear any comments or suggestions you might have to help us serve you and your bird better.

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Timothee had an idea

Timothee had an idea