Pet Peeves

Buying the Right Bird

Human: DO NOT buy a bird to match your furniture
Bird: I would rather eat your sofa than match it! I will decorate it with my poop

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Human: I am too tired to change your water or food bowl. I will just dump out the old food and refill it.
Bird: If you eat out of this dish, I will, too. If you drink this two day old water with poop and food in it, so will I
Human: I only have to change your cage once a week.
Bird: I do not like poop on my feet, do you?

Bird care can tedious. But every time you scrub your cage, you are keeping germs and disease outbreaks away.

Toys Are Expensive

Human: He never plays with toys; he has had the same toy in his cage since I got him 15 years ago.
Bird: B-O-R-I-N-G!!!
Human: He destroyed the last toy I bought him right away.
Bird: That was an excellent toy. More , please.

I Want a Bird That Talks

Even though the large amazons and the greys are supposed to be legendary talkers, there are no guarantees;, some individuals never talk. Buy a radio or a toy talking bird. As stated in a Bird Talk magazine article, the worst thing that ever happened to birds was when people discovered that they can talk.

Corncob Bedding

Did you know that Alex, the legendary African Grey, who owned Irene Pepperberg, lived over corncob bedding because it did not have to be changed every day (That is what they did thirty years ago)He developed aspergillas and had life threatening surgery. Look at old moist corncobs; they are covered with black mold–bout the most poisonous product to enter a lung.

Cedar Shavings

Cedar has a toxicity that is very harmful to birds.


Small birds live 10-20 years; medium birds up to 50 years; large birds up to 80 and beyond life expectancy. Make sure you do not buy your birds on a whim—your son’s birthday or a Christmas present. These birds actually may outlive you and may have to have provisions in your will.

Birds and Other Small Species

Never let birds and cats and dogs and ferrets play together unattended. Cats are hunters and unless your bird has a loud HONK that will scare a cat away, be very careful. It is instinctual for a dog to grab what flies overhead; you can not punish the dog if he grabs the flying cockatiel. On the other hand, congo greys and dogs seem to have a special bond. They often throw food down to the dog to feed it. Greys have been documented calling the many dogs, in their home each by its own name! But still, never leave different animal species together while you are not in the room.; a tragedy cannot be undone.

Taking Birds Outside

Whether your bird is clipped or not , a gust of wind will carry him away. I had a customer who had her sun conure on her shoulder and stepped outside with the garbage. She slipped; the bird sailed off and a waiting hawk swooped down right in front of her and picked off her conure.

We recommend Aviator Harnesses or Feather Tethers.

And you may think your bird loves you and would never leave your shoulder, but a bird’s instinct is flight, so if it gets scared it will fly UP UP UP. And then you need to get it Down to you.