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Jute Mat hangs vertically on a chain. California Roll x small takes up less cage space and doesn’t become a poopy playground. Birds have a great time going after all the crinkle paper and you can add peanuts,almonds,clothespins etc. for added fun.

Foraging should be one of the main activities for pet birds in their daily lives. Creative foraging toys can help maintain a bird’s natural┬ácuriosity. These toys greatly reduce the possibility of feather picking and behavior problems by providing mental and physical stimulation.
Motivate, stimulate, entertain and treat your birds with our great selection of foraging toys. They will not be bored. Fill these toys with nuts, avi-cakes, oven bites, and anything else you can think of. Be creative. These toys can be filled with anything that is fun for your birds. It doesn’t have to be food. Try popsicle sticks, shredded paper, cardboard, birdie bagels. The possibilities are endless.

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